Unique Auctions Announces Sale of a Rare 19th Century Royal No 1 Mouse Trap

Unique Auctions is thrilled to announce the auctioning of a rare and historically significant piece: the Royal No 1 Mouse Trap, dated around 1879. This significant auction event is set to take place on New Year’s Day, 1st January 2024, marking a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts of historical artifacts.

19th Century Royal No 1 Mouse Trap
19th Century Royal No 1 Mouse Trap

A Glimpse into History: The Royal No 1 (c 1879) Mouse Trap
The Royal No 1 Mouse Trap holds a special place in history as the oldest patented mouse trap in the United States Patent Office. Invented by Mr. J. M. Keep of New York, it received its patent (No. 221320) on November 4th, 1879. The trap represents an ingenious design, functioning similarly to a wild game trap but on a smaller scale. Its spring-loaded jaw mechanism and distinctive lattice work cast iron cutout design, featuring a heart shape, make it not only a functional piece but also an aesthetic one.

This particular model is renowned for its rarity and desirability among collectors. With only a few recorded examples, the Royal Mousetrap is a treasure in the world of antique collectibles. Its value has been noted to increase significantly over time, with some examples having been sold for twice the price of previous sales. Estimate £800-£1,200.

Viewing for The Royal No 1 (c 1879) Mouse Trap

Interested buyers can preview this exquisite piece on viewing days, scheduled for Friday, 29th, and Saturday, 30th December, from 10 am to 4 pm. On the day of the auction, the viewing will be available from 7 am onwards, offering ample opportunity for detailed inspection.

About Unique Auctions: With years of experience in curating and presenting rare and unique items, Unique Auctions stands as one of the premier auction houses for exceptional collections. Committed to authenticity and excellence, the auction house continually draws collectors, historians, and enthusiasts from around the globe.

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