Unique Auctions to Present Exclusive Map of the Dead Gold Pyramid from Author Murray Bailey

Unique Auctions is thrilled to announce a once-in-a-lifetime offering at their April 7th Antiques and Collectors Auction: a one-of-a-kind, custom made 18 karat gold pyramid, previously awarded as a prize by celebrated author Murray Bailey. This exceptional piece, crafted from 18ct gold and engraved with intricate hieroglyphics, stands as a testament to the blend of literary brilliance and the allure of ancient mysteries.

Map of the Dead Solid Gold Pyramid from Author Murray Bailey
Map of the Dead Solid Gold Pyramid from Author Murray Bailey

The 18ct gold pyramid, valued at over £10,000, was originally commissioned by Bailey as the grand prize for a treasure hunt based on his thriller, Map of the Dead. The hunt, inspired by the genre of armchair treasure hunts, captivated participants worldwide, challenging them to solve a series of puzzles hidden within the novel and its accompanying website. The winner, Beth Coolin, through a combination of wit and perseverance, solved the elaborate puzzle, securing the pyramid as their reward. This sale presents a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of literary and treasure hunting history. The gold pyramid with was commissioned by the author from Geo A Payne & Sons, one of Bournemouth’s oldest jewellers

Map of the Dead Solid Gold Pyramid from Author Murray Bailey
Book and Map of the Dead Solid Gold Pyramid from Author Murray Bailey

Map of the Dead explores the thrilling search for ancient Egyptian treasure, weaving a tale that spans from the sands of Egypt to the heart of England. Bailey’s novel invites readers into a richly detailed world where history and modern adventure collide, showcasing his deep love for Egyptology and his expertise in creating engrossing narratives.

The sale of the pyramid is not just an auction of a valuable item but a celebration of the journey it represents – from its conception by Bailey to its discovery by the winner, who has since sold the pyramid to aid in purchasing her home. This event underscores the impact of literature in transcending the boundaries of imagination, bringing a tangible piece of a thrilling adventure to the real world.

Unique Auctions invites collectors, enthusiasts, and fans of Murray Bailey to participate in this remarkable auction. The event promises to be a highlight of the year for those who appreciate the intersection of literary art, history, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

For more details about the auction and how to participate, please visit Unique Auctions’ website or contact their office directly.

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