Time-Travel Treasures Vintage Doctor Who Collectibles Take Centre Stage at Unique Auctions

In an event that promises to whisk fans through the annals of time and space, Unique Auctions is gearing up for a spectacular Vintage Toy and Die-cast auction on Tuesday, 12th March 2024. This sale is not just any auction; it’s a veritable treasure trove for enthusiasts of the iconic British science fiction series, Doctor Who. From the eerie sound of the TARDIS to the chilling sight of Daleks, the auction promises to bring back cherished memories and offer rare Doctor Who Collectibles from the beloved series.

The spotlight of the auction shines brightly on an excellent collection of Doctor Who lots, featuring an array of memorabilia that spans the era of William Hartnell’s First Doctor to David Tennant’s Tenth. Among the coveted items are collections of Doctor Who paperbacks, that promise to be a bibliophile’s dream, diving deep into the lore and adventures of the Time Lord.

Puzzle enthusiasts and collectors will be thrilled by the selection of Doctor Who jigsaws, including pieces featuring Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, and Peter Davison. These puzzles not only offer a nostalgic challenge but also capture iconic moments and characters from the series. Annuals have always held a special place in the hearts of Doctor Who fans, and the auction includes classic Doctor Who and Dalek Annuals, with a rare Jon Pertwee example among them. This collector’s gem offers a glimpse into the early days of Doctor Who fandom, with stories and illustrations that have captivated generations. For those who appreciate the artistry behind the show, Rare Remus Doctor Who 3D clay picture play kits are up for grabs. These unique items offer a hands-on experience of the Doctor Who universe, allowing fans to create their own scenes and adventures.

The auction also features a quantity of vintage Doctor Who T-Shirts & Caps, perfect for fans wanting to wear their fandom on their sleeve (or head). These items are a testament to the enduring popularity and cultural impact of the series.

Boxed Palitoy Doctor Who Daleks
Boxed Palitoy Doctor Who Daleks

Highlighting the auction are two Boxed Palitoy Doctor Who Daleks, which are sure to be the envy of collectors. These iconic representations of the Doctor’s nemesis are not only a piece of television history but also a symbol of the series’ innovation and creativity. An album of 55 Doctor Who limited edition stamp covers, 50 of which are signed by notable figures such as Bernard Cribbins & Roger Lloyd Pack, offers a unique blend of philately and fandom. This collection is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Doctor Who history, personally touched by those who brought the series to life.

A collection of signed Dr Who stamp covers a rare opportunity to own a piece of Doctor Who history, personally touched by those who brought the series to life.
A collection of signed Dr Who stamp covers a rare opportunity to own a piece of Doctor Who history, personally touched by those who brought the series to life.

In addition to these highlights, the auction features unusual items such as a Doctor Who stage show poster with Jon Pertwee, memorabilia from “Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure” stage play, and a clock signed by cast members including Rebecca Thornhill and David Banks. These items offer a glimpse into the wide-reaching influence of Doctor Who, from television screens to the stage.

As Unique Auctions prepares for this monumental sale, Doctor Who fans across the globe are setting their coordinates for Tuesday, 12th March 2024. This auction is not merely a sale; it’s a celebration of the enduring legacy of Doctor Who, offering fans new and old a chance to own a piece of the timeless adventure. Whether you’re a fan of the classic series or new to the Whoniverse, this auction is a can’t-miss event that promises to be as exciting as a trip in the TARDIS itself.

Interested buyers can preview the Dr Who lots on Monday 11th March 2024 from 9am-4pm and from 7 am onwards.

About Unique Auctions: With years of experience in curating and presenting rare and unique items, Unique Auctions stands as one of the premier auction houses for exceptional collections. Committed to authenticity and excellence, the auction house continually draws collectors, historians, and enthusiasts from around the globe.

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