Rare CIJ Alfa Romeo P2 in French Blue at Unique Auctions

CIJ Alfa Romeo P2 Clockwork Tinplate Car

Considered one of the finest toys by collectors a c1920s CIJ Alfa Romeo P2 tinplate clockwork car in French Blue will be one of the many highlights at Unique Auctions 3 Day Antiques & Collectors auction on Sunday 28th July 2019.

This rare CIJ Alfa Romeo P2 tinplate clockwork car will be available to view on Thursday 25th July from 10am-4pm and on the mornings of the auction weekend. The 3 day Antiques & Collectors auction will also include other tinplate, toys and motoring memorabilia.

About Unique Auctions

Unique Auctions are one of Lincolnshire’s leading Auction Houses offering a range of regular Antique & Collectors sales. Unique Auctions handle every aspect of probate, house, agricultural, commercial and industrial clearances. For further information call UK +44 (0) 1522 690444 or visit https://www.unique-auctions.com

We are now accepting tinplate, vintage cars and vintage toys etc for all future auctions. We also value tinplate, vintage cars and vintage toys etc.

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