Rare Boxed Pepper Doll from Tammy’s Family Range by IDEAL at Unique Auctions Toy Sale

Rare Boxed Pepper Doll from Tammy’s Family Range by IDEAL at Unique Auctions Toy Sale – A rare boxed Pepper Doll, part of the Tammy’s Family range of 1960s dolls by IDEAL will be of interest to collectors at Unique Auctions Toy sale on the 14th November 2023. The dolls has an estimate of £500-£600.

Rare Boxed Pepper Dolls Tammys Friend by IDEAL Toys
Rare Boxed Pepper Doll Tammy’s Friend by IDEAL Toys

The Pepper Dolls comes in it’s original box and both the box and the doll in very good to very fine condition. It is unusual to find one of these dolls in such condition.

Viewing for the auction is  Monday 13th November 10am-4pm and from 8am on morning of auction.

About Tammy – The Tammy Doll Range by IDEAL: A Vintage Classic

Pepper Doll in box Tammys Friend
Pepper Doll in box Tammy’s Friend

In the world of vintage dolls, one name often stands out for its charm, unique features, and cultural impact: Tammy. Introduced in the early 1960s by the American company IDEAL Toy Corporation, Tammy dolls quickly became a phenomenon, rivalling even Mattel’s iconic Barbie in popularity for a brief period.

Origins of Tammy – Designed to represent a wholesome, American teenage girl, Tammy was a far cry from the glamorous and mature image presented by Barbie. Tammy was marketed with the slogan “The Doll You Love to Dress”, emphasizing her teenage innocence and the fun associated with her diverse wardrobe. Measuring around 12 inches in height, she was characterized by her straight, side-glancing eyes, a closed mouth, and a slightly rounded face.


Meet Pepper, Tammy’s Best Friend – No teenager is complete without her best friend, and for Tammy, this was Pepper. Smaller in stature, Pepper was presented as Tammy’s younger sister. With similar features, but with her own distinct look, Pepper was a favourite among younger children who wanted a doll that resembled their age group. Tammy’s family included: Dad, Mom, Ted, and Darrin.

Although Tammy dolls ceased production in the late 1960s, they left an indelible mark on the world of collectible dolls. Today, they are sought after by vintage doll collectors for their unique portrayal of American teenage life during a particular era.

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