Historical Negatives

Excellent auction prices were achieved for several collections of historical negatives, which sold well in Unique Auction’s New Year’s Auction 2021.

One collection of five wooden boxes containing a superb collection of 334 glass negatives, dated 1904 – 1909, achieved an excellent hammer price of £2,800.

In addition to the above collection, another very rare collection of three boxes containing a total of 21 original glass negatives of Victorian prisoners’ portraits. This collection achieved an excellent hammer price of £420.00. Each negative measured a little over 4” x 3”. This collection dated between 1897 and 1899. The negatives were fully captioned with dates, names, and convict numbers, each depicting full-face and profile views on each negative. Interest continues in historical photographic processes, due to renewed fascination in alternative historical photographic processes, and in the social history of the content of the negatives.

We are now accepting items for future auctions, such as historical glass plate negatives, cameras and photographic equipment; microscopes; barometers and weather vanes; surveying and navigational equipment including telescopes and marine sextants; sundials, compasses and globes, and medical and printing equipment etc., for all future auctions. https://www.unique-auctions.com/scientific-instruments/

Items Always Accepted For All Future Sales. Complete House Clearances Handled Daily.
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