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Antique & Collectors Auction Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May

Antique & Collectors Auction
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May

Auctions start at 9am.
Viewing Friday 25th May 9am-6pm & from 7am on morning of auction.

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Over 1,000 lots from several deceased estates and many private vendors.
Including: antique furniture; collectables; gold & jewellery; militaria and medals including a Nazi Germany 1938 Hitler Youth DAF (Deautsche Arbeitsfront/German Labour front) Gausieger Level Trade Competion badge and a rare WWI Silesian eagle 1st class badge (Clasp A/F) Awarded for fighting in the Silesian uprising); 18th C French barometer;  large collection of silver; many clocks including grandfather and a 19th Century ebonised musical with 9 bells bracket clock with plaque for M.Anderson, 19 Parliament St.Dublin – for restoration; collection of fine carpets; many lots of taxidermy; a large unique canteen of Peruvian silver cutlery (nearly 300 oz); a Peruvian silver lidden bowl with llama finial;  an unusual silver cow creamer, Hall Marked London Import 1913/14, Berthold Hermann Mulleran early Knights Templar robe with rare Lincolnshire badge; advertising cabinets;  etc.

Unique Auctions, The Unique Auctions Building
Vincent Court, Turnstone Road, Teal Park, Lincoln, LN6 3AD
Items Always Accepted For All Future Sales. Complete House Clearances Handled Daily.

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